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I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them
— Diane Arbus

I heard the above quote and truly believe it explains my approach to photography - when capturing weddings, I love noticing the details that not everyone sees at the time.
When I capture them and display them in your album, you see the whole image of your wonderful day.

Who am I?

Me and my rock Vicki

Born in Chelmsford, Essex and remaining here as my base, I've always been creative. I loved playing music (Piano, Clarinet and Vocal) and if you took away my Spotify account I'd be more than slightly annoyed!
More recently this creativity has morphed into my photography and being afforded the opportunities to travel to different places across the UK, Europe and the world I could not dream of a better thing to do.

I love capturing truly stunning images and mostly take inspiration from the fashion industry as well as my documentary style to capture those fleeting moments you won't even realise happened, but they did and I'll be there to save them.

There is something so satisfying when you capture that perfect shot.

Please be sure to check out my portfolio and blog to keep up to date with my latest experiences and I can't wait to share in your celebrations!

Martin Beale