About You

My couples are super relaxed and the last thing they want is a photographer who makes them pose all day! You should be focused on the party and your guests, I'll capture awesome images of you all without you really noticing me.

You're also after someone who will embrace the crazy and push your boundaries for the perfect shot, that may mean coming out to the sunset whilst your dinner is still on the table or me laying in the dirt to get that moment!

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Martin, a wedding photographer based in beautiful Essex, UK but I capture memories all over the UK, and beyond around the globe!

My creative side started when I was a kid as a classically trained musician, however as I got older and couldn't fit a piano in my house at the time I fell away from playing music and instead my creativity blossomed into photography, specifically wedding photography!

I love exploring the great outdoors with my wife Vicki and relaxing in front of the TV with our cats Titan & Lady Penelope. If we're not out for a walk somewhere, we're in the gym! Turns out lockdown would become an inspiration for me to lose weight - who'd have thought?!

I got Married!

15th July 2022 was my own wedding and it was amazing! After 4 long years, 5 changes of dates (thanks COVID!) we finally got to say I DO at the beautiful Lion Inn, Boreham.

I drew from my years of wedding experience when we were planning this and will happily share helpful tips along your journey if you'd like (or you can tell me to keep my ideas to myself - I don't mind!)

My family wouldn't be complete without our 2 cats, Titan & Lady Penelope. They make for some great models when I can't get out of the house to shoot, yes she really can sleep like that but of course woke up as I pressed the shutter!



Lady Penelope

Now you know about me, check out my weddings so I can get to know you