Who am I?

I am a photographer from Essex specialising in making awesome memories with you. The word professional doesn't have to mean boring right? Phew, I'm a fun professional and I love what I do.

I began life as a musician throughout my early years (Piano, clarinet, guitar & voice throughout my life) however I've now transferred my creative talents in to photography and adore my work. It isn't really work if you enjoy it is it?

Sadly I don't get to play much music nowadays but interrupt my Spotify streaming at your peril.

I love exploring and travelling the world with my fiancé and spending time at home with her and the cats (see below). We're busy planning our wedding for 2021 which I can't wait to share with you!!

Essex Wedding Photographer Martin Beale

My fiancé Vicki and I in Laguna Beach, California - Beautiful!

My family wouldn't be complete without our 2 cats, Titan & Lady Penelope. They make for some great models when I can't get out of the house to shoot!

Martin Beale Titan Bengal


Martin Beale lady Penelope Ragdoll

Lady Penelope

Adventure to the USA

This was honestly the single most amazing month in my life. Ever.

We travelled from New York to Washington, Vegas to the California 1 highway!

And - I popped the question!

Here's a few snaps from it, there's more on my Instagram

Martin Beale New York
Martin Beale New York
Martin Beale Washington DC
Martin Beale Grand Canyon
Martin Beale Grand Canyon
Martin Beale Laguna Beach
Martin Beale laguna Beach
Martin Beale Laguna beach
Martin Beale The big Sur
Martin Beale Yeosemite
Martin Beale Yeosemite
Martin Beale Yeosemite
Martin Beale Redwood National Park
Martin Beale San Franscisco
Martin Beale Grand Canyon

Now you know about me, check out my weddings so I can get to know you