Collabro and Lucy Kay have inspired me...

So slightly off the photography topic but Monday 9th March I was taken as a birthday present from my amazing girlfriend, to watch the last day of the Collabro and Lucy Kay tour, supported by Philippa Hanna at the Cliffs Pavillion in Southend.



Absolutely fantastic performance and a great show, the staging was great, the technical work was awesome and the voices... well they were like butter, Collabro's harmonies were tight and Lucy's Nessun Dorma was a delight, as were all of the songs! I have no doubt she'll be bigger than Katherine Jenkins given time.


Philippa is an unsigned artist who, on opening the show, gave us an insight into her journey to the tour and the doors it's opened for her. I had never heard of her before but will be downloading her album as soon as I get the time, her self penned songs were deep and meaningful and you could tell she had written them from her heart.

I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row, just stage left of centre and I really wish I'd had my camera with me and was allowed to shoot. There were some stunning images to be had especially with the lighting show that was put on and I was gutted I couldn't have captured them other than with my iPhone, but I did the best I could.

This has made me realise how much I wish I could do more live music events and I'm opening the floor for you followers of this blog;

If you know anyone who is in a group or an artist themselves, please ask them to get in touch if they would be up for allowing me to come and shoot their show and/or backstage

Having studied music at A level and been a musician since I could walk, I have a love for musical greatness and this put together with my love of photography, can only equal fantastic images.

Oh, and I'll be doing this free of charge. All edited shots go to the artist for their use with a credit to me.

So there we go, a slightly different blog but I hope one which will allow me to meet and work with some amazing people and explore the great imagery that is there to be captured with music.