7/7 London Bombings Memorial

It was a few weeks ago I took a trip up to London with my girlfriend to remember those who were murdered on the 7th July 2005 in the Bombings in central London for the 10th anniversary. 

We started off at St Paul's Cathedral for the service and whilst inside was a private service, there was a huge turnout of people stood around the boundary fence observing as those who were injured, families of those killed, staff from the emergency services who were there on the day, and government officials went inside.

11:30 - silence fell on the roads surrounding the cathedral and all across London to observe a 1 minutes silence

As everyone filtered out we grabbed a coffee before moving on to Hyde Park where there was another memorial service for anyone who could get there. We didn't go far before there was some individual who decided to pick this day to try and make his conspiracy theory heard, playing Irish folk music and holding up a banner, it didn't take long before a few members of the audience took a disliking to him. The police monitored his 'protest' before quickly asking him to disappear. 

We didn't stay too long at Hyde Park as we had to get back but this was opened with a choir, followed by speeches and the laying of flowers.

Only a small selection of images from the day, but I hope you enjoy looking at them if you weren't able to make it to London yourself. 

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